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We realise how difficult it can be to keep up with new technological and methodological developments in class these days. And we are here to help! Our goal is to be a long-term partner that Bulgarian schools, teachers and parents can truly depend on and as part of our commitment to achieve this we focus in the following areas:

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Teaching in class
Basic digital literacy (1-2 grade)

Through games and practical exercises introducing children the fundaments of digital world.

Computer modelling (3-4 grade)

Teaching basic block programming based on Scratch.

Informational technologies (5-7 grade)

Teaching informational technologies for 5th to 7th grade. Basic programming and Microsoft office fundamentals.

Creating new programs

Classes by interests at school

Sustainability at school - program developed for students 4-6 grade with focus on the environment, the problems we face today and how can we resolve them. A new way of thinking and treating our home the Earth.

After class activities

Robotics, programming, 3D printing, website build are some of the classes for children 1-6 grade and focus on basic block programming, sensors and robot build. Mentors and hardware provided.

Horizon Grand Prix challenge

A program developed for students 8-12 grade with focus on green energy, hydrogen and racing. Constructing a hydrogen powered car through 3 months of extensive practical learning.

STEM Programs & Trainings for teachers


Consultancy for schools, teachers and administration with focus on implementation of new technologies, methods and programs based on educational hardware and new STEM methodologies for teaching at class.

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Partner schools

Private Middle School "Simeon the Great"
Sofia, Ivanyane, str. st. Kiril and Metodiy" 66
Bulgarian Shkolo
Sofia, Mladost 2, str. "Gen-mayor Vasil Delov" 10
Sofia, Kinocenter 3, str. "Gradina" 23

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