02 Jun
#CodingGirls is shared initiative between Technokrati and Lenovo, with focus on making coding and technology among girls popular.
30 May
For four consecutive year we had the pleasure to be part of Sofia Science Fest 2021! Amazing experience for kids, parents and lectors. The event took place at Sofia TechPark - "John Atanasoff" building.
22 Mar
We are extremely happy to announce that for 4th consecutive year we are organising our traditional summer camp for your children...
05 Mar
In February between 22nd and 25th we have been part of our first online training part of Erasmus+ project "Multiple Intelligence - New approach for Effective Education". Read more.
10 Feb
In the end of 2020 Technokrati applied and received financial support from America for Bulgaria foundation on a new project called "Hybrid model of learning in an online environment". Learn more.
28 Nov
Our team received financial support duo to the Covid-19 pandemic after we were approved on European program "Innovation and Competitiveness".
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