Who We Are


We are a dedicated team with passion for education and believe technology plays a vital role in learning. Allowing kids to discover what excites them and what they are good at through the medium of technology and creativity is what we strive for every day. We aim to help children reach further by changing a consumer mindset into that of creators.

Technologies have already allowed us to completely reimagine the way we live, communicate and learn and we strongly believe that they not only have their fair place in a kid’s educational path but will also reveal new and unimaginable horizons before us all in the near future.

Main Goals

  • To share with kids the variety of technological solutions available today and learning to use and develop them we aim to improve their future interactions with man made tools while helping them to position themselves better in the world we live in.

  • To support schools and institutions and help them invest wisely in curriculums and new technologies in order to improve and streamline education. Everything we do comes from our experience with various educational hardware solutions and long term testing in class.

  • To create curriculums that use technology and help teach well established subjects – maths, science and the arts but also develop soft skills crucial for a successful tomorrow such as self awareness, emotional intelligence and being an effective and useful teammate.

What we do

Our curriculums are based on the now well known and established STEM methodology which combines a variety of subjects that together help reveal the unique way each child thinks and perceives the world all the while allowing for growth, individual development and last but not least – fun. The combination of these subjects are the key to help kids discover the interconnected network of cause and effect dualities that drive our world forward.

We teach through discussions, games, challenges and experimentation. In our experience learning as part of a collaboration is much better than by oneself and we often find we teachers to be gaining knowledge alongside the students.

  • Our robotics and programming curriculums delve into mechanics, sensors, construction as well as block based programming. We focus on teaching how machines and code work and how they are a tool for us humans to use and direct for the purpose of improving our day to day lives.

  • In our sustainability and green energy courses we touch on the positive and negative effects of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. We discuss contemporary problems and how they have come to pass such as global warming, greenhouse effect and the atmospheric processes that govern their lifecycle as an example.

  • Apart from focusing on education we also create a safe environment for students to find new friends, express themselves, build knowledge and ask questions.

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