Hybrid learning

The last school year was very challenging for all the teachers out there, who had to adjust with the new way of online/offline teaching. Project “Hybrid learning” aims to define these challenges, which teachers face, collect information and support them by introducing resources and solutions, which will empower all teachers to deal better in the hybrid model of teaching. We are thankful that you are willing to share your time and practical experience on the last challenging school year with us.

We carried out a research dedicated to exploring the various challenges of teaching in a hybrid structured environment. More than 130 teachers took part in our research, and provided us with insightful information. Bellow is a report.

  • Further more, we used the findings of the research to create a free training, focused on hybrid teaching. This training can prepare teachers and provide them with all the tools and knowledge needed, to better manage their virtual or non-virtual classroom. Use the button bellow, to sign up for our free training.
  • For your convenience, we have also prepared a collection of free resources and materials. We try our best to provide the most dedicated and useful information that can be helpful to all teachers. You are more than welcome to explore them, use them and incorporate then into your teaching routine.

This questionnaire is part of project “Hybrid learning”, financed by ,,America for Bulgaria" Foundation.

Main goals

  • 1. Final report with the results will be free and publicly available to all the teachers
  • 2. Based on the results of the questionnaire, free seminars and classes for teachers will be developed
  • 3. All the materials, resources and knowledge will be shared in an online platform with free access

Foundation "America for Bulgaria"

The financial support for the project “Hybrid learning” was made by Foundation “America for Bulgaria”. All the opinions expressed in this document are owned by Technokrati’s team and do not necessarily reflect the views of Foundation “America for Bulgaria”.