Teaching and creating a STEM classroom environment




15:00 - 19:00 h

6 hours


Teaching students and partnering with schools/teachers we have realised both advantages and challenges which new technologies and methods could bring to the classroom. Therefore, we become aware that teachers could use some help in developing and applying new teaching methods based on STEM methodology.

This training, focuses on supporting teachers who work with various age groups to embrace new methodologies, techniques and technologies in order to share their knowledge through STEM methodology. Teachers could be challenged by new technologies, dynamics in students behaviour and through that course we aim to address and resolve this challenge together with the teachers.

This training will focus on:
- Interdisciplinary STEM based materials and programs
- Grading and validating knowledge
- Building strong teams
- Implementing new hardware and software in the teaching process

Additional takeaways for teachers
Teaching materials
8 hours extra offline & online support
Practical handbook
Various age groups based curriculum

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Teaching and creating a STEM classroom environment

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