What we do

Kids are naturally creative and curious and at Technokrati we use their imagination to help them gain knowledge and practical skills in various subjects such as robotics, programming and sustainability. We specialise in teaching as well as developing courses for both private and public schools aimed at students aged 7-16 years old. Find out more about us and what we do here.

Who we are

We do Courses

We develop educational curriculums in fields such as robotics, programming, sustainability and electronics, which we then put to practice in partnering schools or our educational centre. You can browse, learn more and sign up here.


For schools

A major goal of ours is to support schools and institutions and help them implement practical oriented curriculums and invest wisely in new technologies in order to improve and streamline education. Trainings for teachers and innovative school programs, as well as consultancy are among the services we provide. Everything we do comes from our experience with various educational hardware solutions and long term testing in class. To learn how we can help your staff and organisation - get in touch.


Latest news

03 Feb
Ivaylo Bonev, cofounder of Technokrati, was a guest in the morning show of the national television BNT, to share more about the participation of the Bulgarian team in the world final for hydrogen (fuel cell) powered cars in Moscow.
11 Dec
We are extremely happy and proud to announce that the Bulgarian team who participated in the World finals with hydrogen (fuel cell) powered cars in Moscow, won prestigious 3rd place!
02 Jun
#CodingGirls is shared initiative between Technokrati and Lenovo, with focus on making coding and technology among girls popular.
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