Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software


Sphero are small but powerful robots, which enable students to enter the world of robotics and basic programming easy and engaging. The robots give the possibility for block programming but at the same time code writing as well, while the students and the mentors enjoy great class experience. We are very thankful to our partners from RS Components and Make Wonder for their trust and partnership.


Horizon Educational

Horizon Educational is an international company with focus on developing an educational kits and programs with focus on renewables and hydrogen technologies. For 6 years the company has been a leader and innovator on the market and founder of one of the most interesting and engaging educational school programs with focus on fuel cell technologies – Horizon Grand prix – a race with fuel cell hydrogen driven cars. We are extremely happy and honoured to be the official partner and organiser for the regional Grand prix in Bulgaria.


Vex Robotics

Vex robotics are an educational robots, which give the students the chance to submerge in the field of programming and robotics construction starting from basic level and stretching up to semi-pro programmers and future engineers. With many sensors, parts and slick software VEX gives numerous possibilities for students and mentors in learning and teaching robotics. We are nothing but thankful for our long lasting collaboration with the VEX team!